What the press are saying

Amadeus 254 GT - Part Time Audiophile

I would not hesitate to give this turntable, tonearm and combination my strongest BUY recommendation. A job well done, on a grand scale!   Read full review 

Amadeus MK II - Stereophile

“Like other WTL products of my experience, the Amadeus Mk.II had a musically involving sound—good timing, very good momentum and flow—combined with the sorts of spatial accomplishments and lack of obvious colorations that I associate with more traditional high-end audio products.”

“Listening to the well-known Andante, I was impressed by the way the WTL player communicated the power of Gould's left hand, and by its portrayal of the scale of the piano and orchestra. The strings, though chuffier and less sumptuous in this mid-1960s Columbia release than in the finest Decca and EMI recordings, had an acceptably good sense of drive, and the Amadeus pulled just as much color from the groove as my Garrard 301-based player.” - Art Dudley. Click for full review.

Amadeus - The Absolute Sound Editors Choice 2013

Amadeus was featured in the 2013 Absolute Sound Editors Choice Awards. "This latest version of William Firebaugh’s inventive turntable and arm design has ultra-quiet background, superbly non-resonant, neutral sound, complete speed stability, surprising bass extension, easy setup and operation, and compatibility with a wide range of cartridge...overall, the high end at a budget price."

Amadeus - The Absolute Sound

The Well Tempered Lab Amadeus received a stellar review in The Absolute Sound. Reviewer Robert E Green writes "At anywhere near the price point, it is hard to fault the Amadeus. The combination of superbly quiet, stable, solid, low-distortion playback with unusually good bass could spend a lot more money, but I would listen carefully to the Amadeus first. It is something exceedingly fine, far beyond its modest price". Click for full review.

Amadeus - The Absolute Sound Golden Ear Award

The Well Tempered Lab Amadeus received "The Absolute Sound, 2009 Golden Ear Award" as a follow up to the excellent review it received in the Absolute Sound earlier in the year. "Amadeus reaches stratospheric heights of performance at a moderate price".

Amadeus - 6moons Audio Reviews

"The most immediately noticeable sonic trait was an exceptionally quiet jet-black background no doubt due to the deck’s almost complete absence of extraneous noise. Provided I used a clean quiet pressing, this allowed me to hear deep into recordings and observe all manner of subtle musical details. To further flog an already well-beaten reviewer cliché, it was like hearing my records for the first time." Click for full review.

Amadeus - Tone Magazine

Reviewer Brett Gideon wrote - "Record noise was absent and the background was so quest that to invoke the old cliche of calling it black doesn't really cut it. Nothing, zip, zero - the Amadeus plays only what's not he vinyl and not one iota more...if I'd been told that the price was two, three or even five times as much, I'd still consider it a good buy". Click for full review.

Amadeus - AudioEnz

The Well Tempered Lab Amadeus received "Product of the Year" in New Zealand's most ready Hi-Fi publication "AudioEnz". Editor Michael Jones writes "The Well Tempered Lab Amadeus is special. It's one of those products that makes reviewing hi-fi so very exciting. The Amadeus is my product of the year." Click for full review.

Amadeus GT - Hi-Fi+ Magazine

“The dynamic contrast is perhaps what impressed most; the awe inspiring weight and solidity behind the orchestral climaxes successfully removing the impression that one was listening to a recording of a piece of music rather than the music itself. The performance, however, was not all about sheer weight and muscle: the Amadeus GT showed itself to be delicate and detailed when appropriate; for example, faithfully rendering the decay of a triangle at the rear of the stage even when more prominent lines were being played in front. All this combined to build a musically and emotionally persuasive performance of considerable appeal.” Click for full review.

Simplex - Hi-Fi Choice Magazine

This cleverly conceived turntable does what few others can. It draws you into the music and holds you in its grip. So whether the tunes are upbeat and lively, or dark and mysterious, you feel like it’s there in the room and that you’re missing out if you don’t pay attention...there’s something pretty damn addictive about the Well Tempered sound." Click for full review.

Simplex - The Audio Beat

"Individual instrumental lines were more readily delineated, more low-level detail was presented, and images were projected more sharply, as though in bas relief. All of these things were consistent with every record I played, but they were particularly impressive on my torture tests - a few albums that are prone to distort during loud or complex passages...Not only did the Simplex breeze through this album without an inkling of confusion or strain, but a considerable amount of previously unappreciated musical and spatial information was also retrieved. Lest you think this is typical audio-reviewer hyperbole, I urge you to bring one of your personal torture-test LPs to audition on the Simplex and listen for yourself. I'm confident it will sail right along." Click for full review.

Simplex - Witchdoctor

"When you strip away anything that’s not essential and then simplify the remaining fundamentals using good science and lateral thinking, the results can be phenomenal. Take something like Colin Chapman’s original Lotus Seven or the more modern Ariel Atom super car; bereft of just about everything bar engine, chassis and drive train, their stunning performance is an excellent example of minimalism in action...the Simplex is ultimately an extremely focused, coherent and superb sounding piece of audio gear at a compelling price." Click for full review.

Versalex - The Audio Beat

The Verselex was included in a "Best In Show" room at CES 2012 when being used by Devore Fidelity "it was the analog source that captivated most. Its sound was relaxed, natural and effortless but immaculately timed and tonally inspiring." Click for full article.


Jason Kennedy of Hi-Fi Choice gave the Versalex a Recommended Component award in the March 2013 issue saying "The Versalex has a knack for getting music out of the groove in an effortless, yet gripping fashion...this turntable does three dimensionality and soul as well as it does’s the sort of sound that encourages you to wind up the level and rifle through the record collection." Click for full review